Sunday, February 22, 2009

Champion Puke Catcher

Twice this week I have had friends throw up in my classroom. Not a drop hit the floor either time. I can wield a trash can like no body's business. I can hide my own gagging while comforting my little sick friend as we walk down the hall. I rub his/her back with one hand and hold the trash can with the other. I keep assuring him/her that everyone gets sick. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. I am the picture of compassion.

Do I get a medal for my efforts? Do the parents thank me for caring for their little ill child (who, by the way, had thrown up before school, but the parent had a busy day so she sent her to school anyway) NO, I get none of this..........I get the flu. No one held the trash can for me. No one rubbed my back. I spent my whole weekend running to the bathroom. I missed Spring Fling, a night out playing cards, and my son's basketball game. No one murmured words of sympathy to me. (OK, maybe my husband was kind to me and I am exaggerating a little)

I'm just saying...

feel sorry for me!

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