Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"May I ask you a really personal question?"

That is what one of my little friends asked me today. I was a bit scared but, I told her to ask away. "What are you giving up for lent?" was her question. Whew! It could have been so much worse.

Ash Wednesday kind of snuck up on me. I hadn't put much thought into this. I haven't really ever made the great connection between deeper spiritual growth and not eating chocolate kisses. Don't get me wrong. I was raised Catholic. I have done my fair share of springs without candy, pop, desserts, gossip (OK I wasn't as successful with that one), romance novels (I was seriously addicted to these during my teen years), etc. You name it and I have probably given it up!

So anyway, I was facing a 7 year old that wanted to know what her teacher was giving up. I avoided the question (like any good teacher would) but couldn't quite get it out of my mind. A lunch room discussion helped me decide to "do something" instead of giving something up. I have decided to blog at least once each week during lent. I miss the reflection time. I know it makes me a better teacher. I need to get off my butt and and blog once more!

I have also decided to read to my 11 year old each night during lent. Alli (my little ADD angel) gave up the read aloud several years ago. And quite frankly, it was never very satisfying to read to a child that asked random strange questions in the middle of every story. (Just so you don't think I am a total failure as a parent, my older two children liked being read to until they hit middle school...truth be told, my high schooler will still listen to me read if given the chance) Just recently I read a Sharon Creech book out loud to Alli. She actually seemed to listen to the story, there were no random questions, and I enjoyed the bonding time. (I fully expect my other two to listen in, all the while pretending not to.)

These are my two Lenten goals. I have committed to them in writing. Your job is to keep me honest!


Anonymous said...

Now I'm wondering...what is the book/books that you are going to be reading? You'll have to let us in on that information!

Sarah Amick said...

I have a suggestion, The Invention of Hugo Cabret is phenomenol and has lots of picture support for far out thinkers. I think she would like it! I am glad to see a different take on the lent tradition. I have never really gotten it but setting a goal that will be a stretch from your norm seems more like what lent was created for, isn't the idea to give something up so that you continue even after lent?
It was nice meeting you today and putting a name to a face!